Web hosting FAQ

On this page you can find the most common hosting problems and their solutions.

I published my Internet presentation and it's not there!

Period between the registration of your Web site on Beotel's DNS and it's actual activation and accessibility from all over the world is 12 to 24 hours. In the mean time, your presentation is accessible only to those users connecting through Beotel. This could be the reason your mail won't work immediately after the registration either.

The reason could be an inadequate index page. Format of the index page must be index.htm, index.html, index.php, default.asp, default.htm, etc, depending on the platform.

Your Internet presentation must be placed in a specific directory. For Windows operating system it is wwwroot, and for Linux operating system it is mainwebsite_html

In Control Panel, which is at users disposal, in Web Server - Configuration Panel, Enable Default Document option must be activated.

One of the reasons your site is blocked could be your user account has expired.

I can't access my ftp account.
The reason could be incorrectly entered ftphost address, incorrect username or password.
In Control Panel under Ftp Server-Configuration item, options read and write must be activated in order to put a file in ftp or to change it.

I have leased a certain amount of disk space on your server, but I can't upload a file into my presentation.
The size of the package includes disk space intended for your presentation, space for database, mail box, etc. Therefore user must delete unnecessary files and old e-mails in order to provide free space for the presentation and mailbox.

How can I get information about realized traffic on my site and used disk space?
User can get information about realized traffic on the site through analog Web statistics, by choosing Reports - Analog or Reports-Webalizer items in Control Panel. Also, Control Panel contains information about used disk space for web and mail server, and just for mail server.

I have integrated Linux mail server. How do I add new mailbox users?
You can perform the entire control over your mail server through the Control Panel. You can add new users, aliases, forward e-mails, etc, using mailbox/users and e-mail options.

Is my data safe?
Yes, we make regular backups of your presentation, and we keep copies for ten days.